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Instant Websites Available

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Curated Content Site
Example: https://dogs.madeperfect.net

This site type is packed with an impressive array of self-updating articles, tips, videos, and more! It includes a shopping page and lots of places to put ads. A perfect authority site!

Instant Ecommerce Site
Site Type 11286

News Site
Example: https://madeperfect.net/news

This extensive site type features news stories and videos, and has plenty of places for paid advertising. Ideal for niche news sites, TV and radio stations, political organizations, and the like.

Instant Niche Website
Site Type 11292

Portfolio Site
Example: https://madeperfect.net/camping

This site type features a portfolio of projects in addition to a blog and a shopping page. Ideal for artesans, photographers, authors, and others who produce their own products or sponsor projects!

Instant Ecommerce Site
Site Type 11281

Example: https://goodtimesingers.org

This attractive ecommerce site type is perfect for selling all kinds of goods. Ideal for retailers, wholesalers, and affiliate sales!

Instant Ecommerce Site
Site Type 11284

How-to Blog
Example: https://madeperfect.net/food

With this site type you can showcase your talents and display your favorite recipes, designs, do-it-yourself projects, and more!

Instant Blog Website
Site Type 11285

Small Business Site
Example: https://madeperfect.net/business

This type makes perfect starter site for your small enterprise. Introduce your company and products, and gather contacts.

Instant Niche Website
Site Type 11287

Entrepreneurial Blog
Example: https://madeperfect.net/consulting

This type makes great starter site for a consultant or freelancer. Lets you showcase your portfolio, display your skills, and present your resume.

Instant Blog Website
Site Type 11289

Educational Site
Example: https://madeperfect.net/education

This type makes a great site for a freelance instructor or a small teaching business. Lets you display your course catalog and sign up students.

Instant Niche Website
Site Type 11290

Curated Video Site
Example: https://fitness.madeperfect.net

This site type features self-updating video content, a pop-up subscription form, an ecommerce store, and lots of places to put banner ads for profitable affiliate sales. Recommended for people who have their own video channels or who wish to promote other people's channels.

Instant Ecommerce Site
Site Type 11279

Service or Research Blog
Example: https://madeperfect.net/science

This site type is great for service-related, scientific, or research companies. Promote your services and recruit clients!

Instant Blog Website
Site Type 11293

Online Presentation Site
Example: https://madeperfect.net/training

This site type is perfect for promoting webinars, MLM meetings, marketing presentations, and online training courses. Allows for a large number of categories and presentations.

Instant Niche Website
Site Type 11294